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We love to keep our friends involved in the day to day running of a flower shop. What's lovely this week? What have we bought that we'd love to share? What have we made this week? Where have we delivered wedding flowers this weekend? We also love to see what you've made and you're free to share your pictures with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, (especially if you've used items you've bought from us!). We welcome floristry questions on our Facebook Page where we can give free advice from the experts! We don't want to sell to you, we just want to share and spread the love! Thanks for looking.

Wholesale Floristry Supplies

Bespoke floristry by your local professional florist
Item Name Price
Traditional Bouquets From £26.50
Hand Tied Bouquets From £29.95
Basket Arrangements From £29.95
Funeral Tributes From £26.50
Wedding Packages From £275.00

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@Raysflorist Aug 30, 18:04

How to add colour to your late-summer garden. #flowers

@Raysflorist Aug 30, 16:03

This gigantic #flower carpet in Brussels is made of 600,000 blooms

@Raysflorist Aug 30, 14:04

Treetop treasures: a guide to flowering trees

@Raysflorist Aug 29, 18:03

Ask Alys: what is a colourful and low-maintenance flowering climber? #gardening #flowers

@Raysflorist Aug 29, 14:03

#Flowers can mean so much

@Raysflorist Aug 28, 18:03

No junk-food diet: Even in cities, bees find #flowers and avoid processed sugars

@Raysflorist Aug 28, 16:03

We create bespoke #funeraltributes that show how much you care. This one was created by Susan. #flowers

@Raysflorist Aug 28, 14:03

This woman planned her own #funeral with humour and she loved #flowers

@Raysflorist Aug 27, 16:03

Something special is flowering in #Dorchester with the emergence of The Dorchester Floral Group

@Raysflorist Aug 27, 14:03

Exploring the little wonders of our grand countryside in the Peak District. #Flowers

@Raysflorist Aug 26, 18:03

All you need to know to buy a bouquet that will last all week. #flowers

@Raysflorist Aug 26, 16:03

Battle of #Flowers floats ready for Guernsey parade

@Raysflorist Aug 26, 14:03

Poisonous plants: 7 of the world's most deadly #flowers

@Raysflorist Aug 25, 18:03

Eat a Bouquet of #Flowers in This Sweet and Simple Berry Dish

@Raysflorist Aug 25, 16:03

How to DIY the #Flowers at Your Wedding

@Raysflorist Aug 25, 14:03

#Alstroemeria, sometimes called the Peruvian #Lily, symbolise friendship and devotion

@Raysflorist Aug 24, 18:03

This funeral tribute was created by Susan at Rays #Florist for a tea lover

@Raysflorist Aug 24, 16:03

Alice Bowe: My favourite #daisies for late summer

@Raysflorist Aug 24, 14:03

Wedding #flowers are being reused for pure happiness

@Raysflorist Aug 23, 18:03

When it's a good year for the #roses in #Glasgow

@Raysflorist Aug 23, 16:03

Bridal Focus: #Flowers are the center of a wedding

@Raysflorist Aug 23, 14:03

This is why you might see random #flowers being placed in #Kendal

@Raysflorist Aug 23, 09:52

Check out the latest news, insights, and opportunities from RAYS FLORIST LIMITED.

@Raysflorist Aug 22, 18:03

This beautiful casket spray of #funeralflowers was created by Amanda at #raysflorist

@Raysflorist Aug 22, 16:03

Odd blossom fomations: Phyllody can affect a #flowers' bracts, sepals, petals, pistils and stamens

@Raysflorist Aug 22, 14:04

#Southport #Flower Show 2016: Spot yourself in this gallery from Saturday's horticultural happenings

@Raysflorist Aug 21, 18:03

A wildlife charity warns 700 species of #flowers are at risk due to councils mowing their road verges too early

@Raysflorist Aug 21, 16:03

Mind-bending #flower puzzle leaves internet users baffled - can you solve it?

@Raysflorist Aug 21, 14:03

These Wedding Flower Crowns Will Make You Want To Ditch Your Classic Veil

@Raysflorist Aug 20, 18:04

Our #florists can create the most amazing personalised #funeralflowers. This one was made by Susan

How to make a rose buttonhole

How to box pleat ribbon for funeral tributes


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