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Rays Florist Aldershot

We love to keep our friends involved in the day to day running of a flower shop. What's lovely this week? What have we bought that we'd love to share? What have we made this week? Where have we delivered wedding flowers this weekend? We also love to see what you've made and you're free to share your pictures with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, (especially if you've used items you've bought from us!). We welcome floristry questions on our Facebook Page where we can give free advice from the experts! We don't want to sell to you, we just want to share and spread the love! Thanks for looking.

Wholesale Floristry Supplies

Bespoke floristry by your local professional florist
Item Name Price
Traditional Bouquets From £26.50
Hand Tied Bouquets From £29.95
Basket Arrangements From £29.95
Funeral Tributes From £26.50
Wedding Packages From £275.00

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@Raysflorist Dec 03, 18:04

9 tips for saving on your wedding #flowers

@Raysflorist Dec 03, 16:04

Here's How #Flowers Move—and Why

@Raysflorist Dec 02, 18:04

Proper religious funerals are dying out. I mourn for them

@Raysflorist Dec 02, 16:04

This funeral tribute was created by Susan at Rays #Florist for a tea lover

@Raysflorist Dec 02, 14:04

Our #Christmas #flowers will be a gorgeous addition to your decorations

@Raysflorist Dec 01, 18:03

Are #flowers powerful enough to change the world?

@Raysflorist Dec 01, 16:03

'Graveside #flowers can help after the loss of a loved one'

@Raysflorist Dec 01, 14:04

Skin and hair care using #flowers

@Raysflorist Nov 30, 18:03

Blossom in winter: Alan Titchmarsh on growing autumn-flowering cherry

@Raysflorist Nov 30, 16:03

This traditional #Christmas bouquet from #RaysFlorist is the perfect gift

@Raysflorist Nov 30, 14:03

Enjoy colourful #flowers all winter. #gardens

@Raysflorist Nov 29, 18:04

Are you a #florist? Here's how you can expand your product line to include candles

@Raysflorist Nov 29, 16:03

What flower colours do birds and bees prefer?

@Raysflorist Nov 29, 14:04

Let's Talk Bold Colors! #tulips

@Raysflorist Nov 28, 18:04

Blooming Christmas is just around the corner with thousands of #flowers ready for harvest

@Raysflorist Nov 28, 16:03

Learning the art of #floral alchemy. #flowers #flowerarranging

@Raysflorist Nov 28, 14:03

Harrogate girl wins prestigious #floristry awards with ballerina bouquet

@Raysflorist Nov 27, 18:03

Ask Alys: will my #amaryllis flower again?

@Raysflorist Nov 27, 16:03

Nick Young packs on the PDA as he showers girlfriend Paloma Ford with #flowers

@Raysflorist Nov 27, 14:04

3,000 flower bulbs planted in Widnes

@Raysflorist Nov 26, 18:03

This beautiful casket spray of #funeralflowers was created by Amanda at #raysflorist

@Raysflorist Nov 26, 16:03

Bridal Focus: #Flowers are the center of a wedding

@Raysflorist Nov 26, 14:03

Serious about #flowers? We're here for you! We sell Oasis #floristry #supplies

@Raysflorist Nov 26, 11:06

The wall of #oasisfoam floral foam bricks despatched yesterday to our customers buying online…

@Raysflorist Nov 25, 18:03

Purple #flowers will symbolise battle against polio

@Raysflorist Nov 25, 16:04

These magic turquoise #flowers are blooming for the first time in Oz for seven years

@Raysflorist Nov 25, 14:04

At Ray's #Florist we create exquisite, seasonal centre pieces. #Christmas #Flowers

@Raysflorist Nov 24, 18:03

Emirates Airline has teamed up with Dubai Miracle Garden to build the world's largest floral installation

@Raysflorist Nov 24, 16:03

Why You Should Plant #Flowers With Your Vegetables

How to make a rose buttonhole

How to box pleat ribbon for funeral tributes


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