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We love to keep our friends involved in the day to day running of a flower shop. What's lovely this week? What have we bought that we'd love to share? What have we made this week? Where have we delivered wedding flowers this weekend? We also love to see what you've made and you're free to share your pictures with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, (especially if you've used items you've bought from us!). We welcome floristry questions on our Facebook Page where we can give free advice from the experts! We don't want to sell to you, we just want to share and spread the love! Thanks for looking.

Wholesale Floristry Supplies

Bespoke floristry by your local professional florist
Item Name Price
Traditional Bouquets From £26.50
Hand Tied Bouquets From £29.95
Basket Arrangements From £29.95
Funeral Tributes From £26.50
Wedding Packages From £275.00

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@Raysflorist Sep 30, 18:03

Wonder if this dress could be made with 1600 real #flower petals?

@Raysflorist Sep 30, 16:03

How Rebecca Louise Law turns decaying #flowers into beautiful art

@Raysflorist Sep 30, 14:03

'Grow' Your Own Glowing #Flowers: The Science of Fluorescence

@Raysflorist Sep 29, 18:03

September's birth #flower, asters, come in red, white, orange and various shades of pink and purple.

@Raysflorist Sep 29, 16:03

A perfect welcome for the birth of a baby boy. #flowers #newbabygifts

@Raysflorist Sep 29, 14:03

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark beams as she's presented with a bouquet of #flowers by a young girl

@Raysflorist Sep 29, 10:12

#Autumn flowers are now in season! Beautiful bronze, orange and yellow #flowers available at…

@Raysflorist Sep 28, 18:03

Love is in the air: Alan Titchmarsh on growing scented plants

@Raysflorist Sep 28, 16:03

Wharton's reveals top performing #roses for 2016

@Raysflorist Sep 28, 14:03

This delicate #flower was created in a lab – and could revolutionise surgery

@Raysflorist Sep 27, 18:03

#Daisies, #sunflowers, pineapples - they are all numerical wonders

@Raysflorist Sep 27, 16:03

Especially if you've had some delivered!!

@Raysflorist Sep 27, 14:03

'Blooms from my Boo!' The Bachelor's Marja Jacobsen shows off beautiful bouquet of #flowers from Tom Sullivan

@Raysflorist Sep 26, 18:04

#Flowers pretty enough to eat just might be

@Raysflorist Sep 26, 16:03

Flamboyant and joyous, the huge petals of oriental #poppies give a carnival tone, says Monty Don

@Raysflorist Sep 26, 14:03

The true colours of quinoa. Rejoice in this Andean upstart #flower's neon shades

@Raysflorist Sep 25, 18:04

Edible #flowers are in the news at the moment. Here are 5 you can use in your cooking

@Raysflorist Sep 25, 16:03

In Berlin they grow #flowers the wrong way up!

@Raysflorist Sep 25, 14:03

Look at these beautiful white oriental double lilies! They're called 'Snowboard'. #lily at #raysflorist #flowershop

@Raysflorist Sep 24, 18:03

Percy Thrower's #gardening tips still blooming good, says his competition judge daughter

@Raysflorist Sep 24, 16:04

You can really put your heart into a #funeral tribute with our #floristry supplies

@Raysflorist Sep 24, 14:03

A posy of pretty #flowers lifts the spirits

@Raysflorist Sep 23, 18:04

Gardeners are being urged to help bees by planting more #flowers

@Raysflorist Sep 23, 16:03

Wow! Look at these gorgeous vases

@Raysflorist Sep 23, 14:04

The rose that won't wilt: Scientists create a flower with petals that stay fresh for days. #flowers #roses

@Raysflorist Sep 22, 21:06

Woodland theme #funeraltribute heart created at #raysflorist #flowershop @ Rays Florist

@Raysflorist Sep 22, 18:03

The English gentleman who saved Japan's cherry blossoms from extinction #flowers

@Raysflorist Sep 22, 16:03

Butterflies in the Time of Dinosaurs, With Nary a Flower in Sight

@Raysflorist Sep 22, 14:03

Heathrow Airport has built a giant world map - out of 2,000 #flowers

@Raysflorist Sep 21, 18:04

What You Need to Know About the Gigantic, Phallic Corpse #Flower That's About to Bloom at Dartmouth

How to make a rose buttonhole

How to box pleat ribbon for funeral tributes


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