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Rays Florist Aldershot

We love to keep our friends involved in the day to day running of a flower shop. What's lovely this week? What have we bought that we'd love to share? What have we made this week? Where have we delivered wedding flowers this weekend? We also love to see what you've made and you're free to share your pictures with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, (especially if you've used items you've bought from us!). We welcome floristry questions on our Facebook Page where we can give free advice from the experts! We don't want to sell to you, we just want to share and spread the love! Thanks for looking.

Wholesale Floristry Supplies

Bespoke floristry by your local professional florist
Item Name Price
Traditional Bouquets From £26.50
Hand Tied Bouquets From £29.95
Basket Arrangements From £29.95
Funeral Tributes From £26.50
Wedding Packages From £275.00

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@Raysflorist Apr 24, 18:10

@JuliaMcShane That's our pleasure Julia.....all part of the service!

@Raysflorist Mar 25, 19:54

Someone's lucky Mum will receive this tomorrow for #mothersday at #raysflorist @ Rays Florist

@Raysflorist Mar 25, 10:01

#Anthurium symbolises hospitality. It is also used to indicate happiness and abundance. #flowers

@Raysflorist Mar 24, 14:01

A Practical Guide to Decorating Your Natural Hair. #Blackhair #flowers

@Raysflorist Mar 24, 12:01

Amanda puts a lot of love into her #funeraltributes

@Raysflorist Mar 24, 10:01

From garden to kitchen -- edible #flowers

@Raysflorist Mar 23, 15:23

@ScrummySidders Thanks! It's really long lasting too. We've had customers telling us they've lasted for up to 4 weeks. How amazing is that?!

@Raysflorist Mar 23, 15:07

......and some more of our faves, 'Dolce Vita' two tone pink roses at #raysflorist for…

@Raysflorist Mar 23, 14:16

......and my personal favourite, 'Vuvuzela' at #raysflorist for #mothersday @ Rays Florist

@Raysflorist Mar 23, 14:01

Discovery set to make #flowers (and food) last longer

@Raysflorist Mar 23, 13:56

Lovely pink roses!! Clockwise from top left: 'Brigitte Bardot', 'Very Cute', 'Love Pearl' and…

@Raysflorist Mar 23, 12:02

#Alstroemeria #flower is symbolic of wealth, prosperity and fortune - and friendship.

@Raysflorist Mar 23, 10:01

Our #florists can create the most amazing personalised #funeralflowers. This one was made by Susan

@Raysflorist Mar 22, 17:59

@Sprincie @TelegraphNews Just a shame it's such a short season....Mid May to July. One of our favourites too!

@Raysflorist Mar 22, 14:02

There's nothing more loving than a homemade tribute to a loved one. #loss #mourning #funerals

@Raysflorist Mar 22, 12:01

The #peony makes a comeback as best-selling summer #flower

@Raysflorist Mar 22, 10:01

As temperatures rise, #flowers emit less scent

@Raysflorist Mar 21, 14:52

Getting ready for #mothersday Weekend at #raysflorist @ Rays Florist

@Raysflorist Mar 21, 14:01

Proper religious funerals are dying out. I mourn for them

@Raysflorist Mar 21, 12:01

Cappuccino #roses are the perfect #flowers for a #vintage wedding

@Raysflorist Mar 21, 10:01

Nature's honeytrap for bees: Plants have a flair for arranging their #flowers to lure in passing insects

@Raysflorist Mar 20, 14:02

#Flower Power: The Physics of Pollination

@Raysflorist Mar 20, 12:01

Incredible images show creatures swooping down on #flowers to sip on their sweet nectar

@Raysflorist Mar 20, 10:01

Amanda at #RaysFlorist made this tribute for the #funeral of a racing car enthusiast

@Raysflorist Mar 19, 14:01

The Strange, 'Almost Spooky' Story Of The British Ghost #Orchid

@Raysflorist Mar 19, 12:01

Why do #hydrangeas change colour?

@Raysflorist Mar 19, 10:01

Identify wild #flowers online with the Botanicals Society

@Raysflorist Mar 18, 14:00

The best annuals to grow for cut #flowers all summer long

@Raysflorist Mar 18, 12:01

Wedding #flowers are being reused for pure happiness

How to make a rose buttonhole

How to box pleat ribbon for funeral tributes


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